About Us
Shane Songy and Shawn Breaud

We are 2 local guys who have a passion for the hospitality industry in our great city. In fact, we love it. We love it so much that we decided to give the community a change of pace, a place like no other in the Crescent City.

We made sure to put this place in one of the hottest areas in the city, Fulton Street. The Warehouse District is a burgeoning mecca of entertainment and we have added to that greatness with the charm of Fulton Street– The Aprés Lounge. Housed in a century-old building, we offer the history of New Orleans with the most cutting edge of lounge experiences.

The Aprés Lounge was NOLA’s first ultra champagne lounge– an upscale ambiance with the sexiness, elegance, and excitement that you deserve. With a top shelf sparkling wine menu, the finest mixology, and state of the art technology, we offer a new and unique evening to New Orleans. We look forward to offering the same in other markets.

Being the first and only Ultra Champagne Lounge in New Orleans, Louisiana, Aprés is a premier event venue for private parties, meetings, social events, and one of the top nightclubs located in the area; what sets Aprés apart from the rest – our vision and desire to be the best. From our design and service, we exceed customer’s expectations and have quickly become a favored spot for locals and tourist alike. Champagne is a beverage that is always associated with two things: luxury and celebration. We are a place where people can celebrate weddings, birthdays, reunions, and anniversaries in a luxurious environment. We celebrate every day!